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Early Super Deals Soft Launching ROSEWOOD Garden Avenue Residence

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  • LocationBatam, Kepulauan Riau
  • Posted On17 Jan 2023

Tuesday, January 17 2023, Garden Avenue officially opened the first phase of selling housing units in the Rosewood Cluster which is also the first residential cluster in the Garden Avenue Residence area. A residential area with the nuances of a green area environment integrated with various modern facilities to provide comfort for its residents and is in the middle of the city with easy access anywhere.  

Garden Avenue Residence, Modern Residential that Maximizes Your Ease of Lifestyle

Garden Avenue Residence is the second residential area project from a well-known property developer in Batam City, namely Tunas Group, besides that Tunas Group has also successfully developed industrial areas in Batam and Jakarta, Top 100 malls and also Grand Batam Mall which is now the most favorite mall in the city. Batam, located at Bypass Batam Center and Bengkong Sadai. The location of Garden Avenue is super strategic with easy access to various important places in Batam such as:

  • 3 minutes to Pasar Pasir Putih, Mondial School and Batam Ferry Terminal
  • 5 minutes to Government Offices, Batam Grand Mosque, and Vihara Duta Maitreya
  • 10-15 minutes to Grand Batam Mall, Batam International University, and Hang Nadim Airport


Carrying the concept of "Living a Joyful Lifestyle", Garden Avenue Residence does not only offer ordinary housing, but Tunas Group as the developer of Garden Avenue Residence also creates a pleasant lifestyle with convenience and comfort provided through various superior facilities that are different and not other housing owned.

Garden Avenue Residence is a solution that answers the needs of millennial consumers and young families in Batam for housing that is able to accommodate all activities in one area and has various modern facilities with lifetime passes for all housing residents such as:

  • 4.5 hectares of green recreation park Garden Avenue Park with a touch of nature from a mini forest, mini lake and river stream
  • 2.6 kilometers of pedestrian/jogging track that connects the residential area to the commercial area of Garden Avenue Square
  • Outdoor sports: mini futsal, mini golf, basketball court, skatepark, cycling track and outdoor gym
  • Exclusive clubhouse with swimming pool and viewing deck to enjoy views of Garden Avenue Park
  • Amphitheater, dog park, kite park, sand playground, and multipurpose lawn


In addition to convenience facilities, there is also the 11th TOP 100 Supermarket outlet on Garden Avenue Square which is directly connected to the residential area. Offers the convenience of shopping for daily needs for residents of Garden Avenue Residence. The TOP 100 The largest supermarket also answers the market needs of more than 300,000 people in the strategic area of Bengkong and Batam Center as supermarkets that provide complete product variants at the best prices and accessibility which are easily accessible to many people.

Unit Types and Special Early Price of ROSEWOOD

ROSEWOOD Cluster presents houses with various types of units that are very suitable for millennials, young families, and large families in Batam. The following is a selection of types of ROSEWOOD cluster housing units along with special Soft Launching initial prices:

  • ROSEWOOD TYPE 69/60 starting from IDR 750+ million
  • ROSEWOOD TYPE 82/72 starting from IDR 900+ million
  • ROSEWOOD TYPE 106/90 starting from IDR 1.2+M
  • ROSEWOOD TYPE 127/105 starting from IDR 1.4+M

The ROSEWOOD housing unit carries the concept of a minimalist home by utilizing every area of existing residential land into spaces with maximum consideration of functional aspects. The advantage of this house concept is that with only a smaller land area compared to other conventional house models, buyers can already have a ready-to-use house without the hassle of spending a lot of money and additional time to add rooms or renovate the house. ROSEWOOD housing units can be owned only with a Registration Fee (UTJ) of Rp. 10 million only and estimates can be handed over to the buyer in September 2025.

EARLY SUPER DEALS, ROSEWOOD Soft Launching Special Offers

In addition to getting the initial price, Garden Avenue Residence also provides a special offer "EARLY SUPER DEALS" for purchasing ROSEWOOD housing units with installments starting from IDR 5 million per month and 4 payment options that you shouldn't miss:

  • HARD CASH for the Initial Price, get 24X Special Installments
  • STAGE CASH for 24x installment prices, get 48x special installments
  • STANDARD KPR for KPR Prices, get a Special 20% DP in 30x installments
  • INDENT KPR for Hard Cash Equivalent Prices, get 15% DP installments in 15x installments


As well as direct prizes for each buyer in the form of Shopping Vouchers at Top 100 Supermarkets worth @Rp 5,000,000,- (Five Million Rupiah). This promo program is only valid from 17 January - 28 February 2023.

Get your home of dreams at Garden Avenue Residence cluster ROSEWOOD now!

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