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Tunas Group Successfully Held Groundbreaking Ceremony of Tunas Prima Industrial Estate

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  • Posted On21 Sep 2023
Tunas Group Successfully Held Groundbreaking Ceremony of Tunas Prima Industrial Estate
Tuesday, September 19th 2023, Tunas Group has successfully held the Groundbreaking Ceremony for their latest project, Tunas Prima Industrial Estate. The project is developed on 100 hectares of land strategically located in Kabil, Batam City, Indonesia. The event was also attended by strategic partners from GreenA Consultants and PT PLN Batam. In this Groundbreaking Ceremony, Tunas Group also signed MOUs with two large-scale international companies that will soon build factories and operate in the Tunas Prima Industrial Estate: Haitai Solar - solar panel production company and Professional Testing Services Pte Ltd - a company specializing in metallurgical laboratory testing based on modern technology. 
Tunas Prima Industrial Estate is the latest project and breakthrough from Tunas Group that carries the concept of 'Sustainable Future'. A concept of modern industrial estate development while still paying attention to sustainable environmental aspects. In implementing the concept, Tunas Prima Industrial Estate will be developed into the first green industrial estate in Indonesia that is Green Mark certified and supported by 100% clean electricity supply from Renewable Energy sources (EBT).
Tunas Group Successfully Held Groundbreaking Ceremony of Tunas Prima Industrial Estate
In his speech, Chrispin Andereas as the Head of Business Development of Tunas Group expressed his motivation and hope for the Tunas Prima Industrial Estate project. "As we know, Batam is highly desirable as an investment destination, especially for export-oriented companies thanks to its strategic location close to Singapore and Malaysia, as well as its status as a Free Trade Zone (FTZ) in Indonesia. Then, after the Covid-19 pandemic which had a significant impact on the global supply chain, it encouraged many manufacturers to expand and look for new locations for the smooth running of their supply chain. So, as an experienced property developer for more than 20 years, Tunas Group presents Tunas Prima Industrial Estate to fulfill that need in Batam."
Tunas Group Successfully Held Groundbreaking Ceremony of Tunas Prima Industrial Estate
"In addition, with the concept of 'Sustainable Future' that we offer, Tunas Prima Industrial Estate is a solution for companies that are committed to the principles of sustainability and need space to conduct business in a modern, environmentally friendly industrial area. The development of this industrial estate is expected to attract foreign investment of up to 20 trillion rupiah and absorb a workforce of up to 15 thousand employees." Chrispin Andereas further explained the advantages of the green concept of Tunas Prima Industrial Estate.

Realizing a Carbon-Free Industrial Estate

One important aspect of the 'Sustainable Future' concept is realizing Tunas Prima Industrial Estate as a greenhouse gas (GHG) emission-free industrial estate. By achieving carbon neutrality, Tunas Prima can significantly reduce CO2 emissions from industrial activities.  Supported by a strategic partnership with PLN Bright, the electricity supply provided to Tunas Prima Industrial Estate is 100% clean energy through Physical PPA from dedicated source in the form of Floating Solar Power Plant built at DAM Tembesi. As well as Virtual PPA from other domestic renewable energy sources owned by PLN Indonesia bundled with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). This strategy helps tenants reduce their Scope 2 carbon emissions and achieve Zero Net Carbon status.

Green Infrastructure Development with Green Mark Standard

Green infrastructure development is the next aspect in the implementation of sustainability principles at Tunas Prima Industrial Estate. Supported by expert environmental sustainability consultants to ensure green infrastructure management in accordance with Green Mark standards. As a result, Tunas Prima Industrial Estate can be the first industrial estate in Indonesia that is on its way to be Green Mark For District certified issued by BCA International from Singapore and Greenship Neighborhood certificate issued by Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI). 
The green infrastructure includes the use of IoT technology in the command center for environmental control throughout the area; green transportation support with the availability of interconnected walkways that are convenient for pedestrians or cyclists and EV charging stations; the use of drought-tolerant plants to keep the environment beautiful without excessive water usage, resource utilization efficiency; eco-friendly landscape design; and provisions for future expansion. Through the implementation of this green infrastructure, we are able to improve operational efficiency, implement best management practices in maintaining environmental sustainability, and significantly reduce the impact of carbon emissions.

Water Security Management 

Tunas Prima Industrial Estate ensures an adequate supply of clean water within the estate. By maintaining water availability and security, long-term business growth at Tunas Prima Industrial Estate can be achieved. The implementation of responsible waste management practices at Tunas Prima Industrial Estate complements our 'Sustainable Future' commitment. Water treatment schemes through Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle principles are the main focus. In this context, Tunas Prima Industrial Estate has taken several important steps.
First, the installation of sanitary ware with WELS 3 ticks qualification that helps reduce water usage within the area. In addition, the provision of Rainwater Harvesting Ponds that can collect rain runoff water so that it can be used as an alternative water source. Waste water management from tenants in Tunas Prima Industrial Estate is carried out with a modern and professional approach through the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). Waste water quality sensors installed in the sewer can minimize the impact of waste water before it is returned to the environment. 
Overall, the development of Tunas Prima Industrial Estate with the concept of Sustainable Future can be a real contribution to the government's efforts to encourage economic development and long-term investment that is environmentally friendly according to the target of Indonesia's Vision 2045. Where some of the important pillars are achieving water security, energy security, commitment to the environment and sustainable low-carbon development.

About Tunas Group

Established in 2000, Tunas Group is an Indonesian company based in Batam City specializing in real estate, industrial estate and commercial development. Tunas Batam Centre Industrial Estate was the first project launched to meet the high consumer demand for industrial land and buildings from local and international investors from neighboring countries, such as Singapore and Malaysia.
Tunas Group continues to seek opportunities to expand its portfolio in Batam City and Jabodetabek. To date, Tunas Group's extensive portfolio includes industrial estate property projects with a total area of nearly 200 hectares in Batam and Greater Jakarta, commercial real estate with a total area of 100 hectares in Batam, a 15 megawatt private gas turbine power plant; and the largest supermarket and shopping center chain in Batam.
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